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  • Round Shape Manufacturing

    Diamond Manufacturing Is The Practice Of Changing A Diamond From A Rough Stone Into A Faceted Gem. Manufacturing Diamond Requires Specialized Knowledge, Tools, Equipment, And Techniques Because Of Its Extreme Difficulty. So Here At Perfect Diamond We Are With All Latest Technology, Tools, And Skilled Staff, We Are Manufacturing All Size And All Clarity From FL To I3 With xxx Cut

    1. Triple Excellent Cut (XXX)

    2. Double Excellent Cut (XX)

    3. Manual Cut

  • Fancy Shape

    Along with Round shape we are also manufacture all fancy shape like Princess, Heart, Pear, etc

    1.Double Excellent Cut (XX)

    2.Manual Cut

  • Polish Re-Cut

    We Are Equipped With A Full In-House Re-Cutting Service That Caters To Both The Trade And The Public. We Can Re Cut Any Of The Older Cuts To Modern Proportions, Repair Any Broken Or Chipped Diamonds, Including Repairs To Triple Excellent Cut . We Will Also Re-Polish Burnt Diamonds, Remove Minor Scratches And Abrasions From Modern Cuts, There By Improving Their Clarity Grade. We Manufacture To Our Customer's Specifications And Consult With Them As Required During The Job Process.

  • Helium Polish

    To avail GIA and IGI certificate, pre-report can be obtained to judge parameters of polished diamond. For polished diamond, it assists in making verifications to achieve parameters which will fulfil to obtain Triple Excellent Cut (XXX) rating – certified by GIA and IGI.